Com597c-week 4: Hey Reuters! Show Me Your Movies!

July 15, 2009

flasher sonI’m not a reader – so shoot me. However, I have noticed a infiltration by Reuters on what I always assumed was the AP’s market; independent content generated for other media outlets to pick up and publish. As an undergrad I also saw a lot of their content on the research databases supplied by the library, and would think “their stuff is all over the databases and other newspapers, why don’t they just publish it themselves?” Okay, so they do. Or, they did because Reuters Magazine has been discontinued just like the most recent effort to resurrect Knight Rider. Why? Reuters has been around since the 1830’s reporting financial data over the telegraph?

It’s their websites fault. is great hub of international news and data that has implemented video as one of its’ main channels for distribution on the site. If you follow the “Video” link under the “News” category in the navigation bar, you may become confused however. Just scroll down a little. I know you don’t want to because you are like every other web user in the world, but if you want to see the good video commentary that Reuters has produced for you, scroll down. “Too hard,” you say? You can see them on the homepage as well, that is, if you look below the crease again.

Reuters. Your content and commentary are great, even to a non-reader like myself. Your video is even better than some of the writing. So why are you hiding it? Show me it is a higher priority by moving it up on the page. Web content below the crease will always get less traffic, so unless you want your video to follow suit of the magazine, show me your movies!


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