Com597c-Week 5: What would I pay $25,000 for? It’s not a car…

July 22, 2009

Even though I hate this about myself, if I’m honest; I’m a salesman. I don’t like the sales process, but I love giving people the information they need to make smart and educated decisions about what they buy. When I worked retail earlier in life, I wasn’t motivated by the goals my manager gave me, I was motivated by making the customer like me more than the other salesman, and customer service/education was they easiest way to become the favorite. Nothing brought more joy to me than when a customer would say, “I think I want it, but let me get Scott’s opinion first.”
This idea of educating others to make informed decisions and being a resource for them really excites me, but I can not deal with the mundane life of retail. A career that offered me an opportunity to work with multiple parties, each one with a different set of challenges would be ideal for me. That is why I feel working as a marketing and sales consultant would be the job I would die doing.
The MCDM program and the information it provides for me is key to me accomplishing this goal. Partly because of educational status, as well as the skills I hope leave with. I am not wanting specific skills as of right now, I am entrusting my school and its’ faculty will facilitate that. I don’t want to be the Kawasaki of Digital Media (but I’ll take it if offered,) but want to be able to sit down with the Johnsons to talk about their new hardware store, understand their challenges from a sales/marketing/media stand point and give them a good/better/best strategy.
I actually hope that the program provides me with a deeper understanding of where digital media has been, where it is, and maybe some conversation on where it could possibly go. This I think is more important to me than how to measure a social media campaign, so as the future does unfold I can reflect back and recognize the mistakes of the past. All in all, I just want a job that will intrigue my attention, keep my interest, challenge my limits, supply for my family and give me an opportunity to spread information. When weighing options, MCDM felt like it would provide the best opportunity for me to accomplish such a dream.


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