5 Commandments of Engagement

August 7, 2009

mosesHestonSo what does my little presentation on how to get Google Analytics started in your blog have to do with engagement? I believe this humanizes a company in a way. It’s kind of like them saying, “We trying to make the process of utilizing our tools easy, but we know it might not be that easy for everyone. Here is something else to help.” As a consumer that is important to me. There are several services I use over others that might be more widely accepted because the creator reached out to me through an instructional video or a slide show with step-by-step instructions. I appreciate that.

All digital media channels have a huge audience it is not reaching because of its lack of engagement. What we will call engagement crimes can come from poor UI on a company site, not contributing to consumer forums, or not having a social media strategy. Basically anything that limits consumers’ ability to voice their opinion or inhibits your ability to hear that voice is a crime on engagement. Here are my 5 Commandments for Organizational Engagement:

I. Thou shalt have an Organization Engagement Plan.
a. Know how you are going to engage your audience. Don’t jump on a browser and engage wherever you feel inclined at the moment. Map it out and follow your map.
II. Thou shalt learn new things.
a. How many channels are you not encouraging engagement in because you simply haven’t learned the media?
III. Thou shalt not choose engagement you cannot measure.
a. If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.
IV. Thou shalt not censor or control the community’s voice.
a. It will govern itself. Squashing a voice is not appropriate even if it is negative. Only censor “offensive” material.
V. Thou shalt listen.
a. Engagement is not only for sounding off. The greatest asset your organization may gain from engagement is hearing the suggestions of your consumer.


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